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 TuTor.. Exam

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PostSubject: TuTor.. Exam   Sun Mar 16, 2008 10:45 pm

When is the criminal record of a player deleted?
At the beginning of a month if at least six months have passed since the last entry in the criminal record.
When you order premium time.
After a period of three months has passed, provided there have been no further incidents.

On how many Tibia accounts are you allowed to play at the same time?
On no more than two accounts
On no more than four accounts
Only on one account

Which of the following statements about namelocks are true?
Only the Tibia customer support decides if a name reported by a tutor is illegal.
A namelocked character cannot log into the game until the character has been successfully renamed.
A gamemaster may also lock names which are not against the rules if the player asks for a namelock.
If a tutor reports a character name, this character will be kicked from the game immediately.

Which of the following actions can lead to your character being muted?
Insulting your guild leader during a heated discussion in your guild channel
Repeatedly greeting an NPC with 'hi' very fast
Casting spells very fast
Spamming other players with private messages very fast

What can you do if you have lost items or skills due to hacking or network problems?
Write an email to CipSoft and ask for a character reset.
Ask a gamemaster to reset your character.
Ask for a game reset in the forum on the website.
Nothing. Items and skills are not restored.

Which of the following incidents do you consider to be bugs that have to be reported?
A player has hunted for many hours and reports that he receives only half of the regular experience points now.
Using a certain ramp will cause a character to be kicked from game.
When casting "adori vis" on a blank rune, it turns into a Sudden Death rune.

What happens if a post is reported?
The post will be evaluated by the customer support.
The post will be deleted immediately.
If the post has previously been approved by the customer support, the reporter will automatically receive a bad report.
The account of the poster will be banished automatically.

What would you do if a player reports a botter in the help channel?
Tell the player to report him to a gamemaster using ctrl + r or on the gamemaster board.
Advise the player to post on the billing support board.
Make a bug report.

A player asks you for your password. Would you give it to the player?
Yes, if the player claims to be a member of the CipSoft Team.
Yes, if the player seems trustworthy.
No, nobody needs to know my password.

What do you do if you have forgotten your password?
Upgrade your account to a premium account.
Contact the gamemasters.
Use the Lost Account Interface on the website.
Write an email to CipSoft.

What happens to the account of a character whose thread is under investigation?
The account is banished automatically.
Nothing at all
No character of this account can use the public channels in the game.

As a tutor, how can I submit proposals to improve the game?
Send an email to CipSoft.
Use the rule violation report.
Use the bug report function.

How long can it take until payments for premium time arrive?
No more than 24 hours
Up to three months
Up to three weeks
No more than one week

Which of the following statements about houses are true?
Only premium account characters can sleep in beds.
If you win an auction for a house, make sure you carry enough money in your inventory to pay the first rent.
Counting from the day the rent is due you have three days to pay. If you do not pay the rent within this period of time, you will lose the house.
You can store an infinite amount of items in your house.
You can sell your house to another player by using a special web interface.

Which of the following statements about gamemasters are true?
Gamemasters banish players from the game for violating the Tibia Rules.
Gamemasters fix errors in Tibia.
Gamemasters are players who have passed the gamemaster exam.
Gamemasters can change the name of a character if they are asked for it.

Which circumstances can lead to a tutor's dismissal?
Not extending your premium time.
Inactivity in the help channel for 5 days in a row.
Repeated submissions of bad reports.

What happens to a character when he is reported for an offensive statement in help channel?
The entire account of the character will be banished as soon as he is reported.
The character is muted for 15 minutes in all public channels.

Which of the following statements about tutors are true?
Tutors use only red font in the help channel.
Tutors may report invalid character names, but they do not decide whether or not the report is valid.
Tutors receive free items as reward for their work.
Tutors can message other players in red font.

What does a small blue shield symbol next to a character mean?
The character is currently using the defensive combat mode.
The character is a member of your party.
The character has recently been aggressive towards another player.
The character is standing in a protection zone.

What should you do as a player if your account is banished?
If the banishment is justified, try to lie about the rule violation.
If the banishment is justified, wait until the banishment is over.
If you feel you did not deserve the banishment, use the complaint function.

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TuTor.. Exam
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